Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Reports Are Finished!

Malachi in front of his report.
We had a lot of fun putting this report together. I say we because I have to look up all the information with Malachi, type it with him and put the poster together with him as well. His report was the Megalodon shark. It was actually pretty interesting. We had a bath shark that we put on to compare it to the size of a great white shark. The thing was massive.

Naomi was given a gingerbread man that she had to disguise so the fox wouldn't recognize it and eat it. Naomi and her imagination. First idea she had was to decorate it as a polar bear, than a tiger, finally she came up with a princess. As we looked for accessories we found an old swimsuit of hers. We decided to make her a beach girl so she could float on a pool raft across the river so the fox wouldn't eat her. We used the back of the swim suit as the top and cut the bottom of it off and made it into a bikini. (even though I had to remind my girls that we don't were "belly swim suits in our family) She did a great job.

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