Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh yes it's 80's night!

They were calling Darren Adam Sandler from the Wedding Singer all night. He was loving it!
TVCS Staff

Lisa Gale, Anne Marie Ratclife, Gena Atwood, Jen Clarke, Sarah Drago, Mary Lou Lashley.
Our school did an adult night fundraiser. It was an 80's night at a beautiful location. We had so much fun. Some of the outfits were amazing! We bid on silent auctions, had dinner, and danced. It was a blast -- from the past. ha ha

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I want to be a painter when I grow up!

Naomi is such a creative little girl. She painted a picture of the sun setting over a field. She said she wants to be a painter when she grows up, oh and an animal doctor (vet).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Surprise it's the Easter Bunny, no really Surprise!

So 2 years ago I was the Ward Activities Chair. I would help Primary with our egg hunt. Well in our last ward we had a bunny come and the kids adored it. So me being the mom of creating memories for my kids decides I need to buy a bunny costume for our Easter egg hunt. So I buy it with the intent of making Darren do it. However the idea didn't quite pan out and I had to wear it. So I did it for Malachi's school as well. Now it has become a tradition and I do it for the Charter School as well as our ward each year. The funny thing is my kids haven't quite noticed I'm missing when the bunny comes around. We even did the family picture and they didn't say a word at the time as to where mom was? They did tell me about the bunny coming later and I had to lead them to believe I was helping out with the egg hunt and missed seeing them w/ the bunny but did see him. We'll see how long we can pull this off. It was a lot of fun! Even though Cassidy did not like the bunny. If she only knew.
Malachi and Jackson.

Naomi and her buddy Rocky.

Cassidy all ready to go.

After the egg hunt was all said and done.

The Mighty Ducks!

Beth Kuzma and I holding our cute little ones.
Naomi and Kyleigh.

Malachi and Kadin

The Drago Family and Kuzma Family, we took up a whole row.

Even Liberty likes Hockey!

We bought the kids these boxes filled with fun game souvineers. They were in 7th heaven.

Drago Family after the Ducks won in over time to make the play offs.

Drago Family and Kuzma Family.

So we are leaving the game and we asked a man walking by if he would take a picture for us. After the picture he was tossing a ball in his hand. Malachi noticed and asked him if he saw the Anaheim Angels game. The Angels were playing at the same time as the Ducks were. They man said yes and asked Malachi if he liked baseball. Malachi of course said yes. The man then told him that this ball was a foul ball hit from the game and asked Malachi if he wanted it. I told him we couldn't take it. The man said he has a bunch of foul balls since he goes to the games all the time. So Malachi got a game ball from the Anaheim Angels. It says on it official MLB game ball.

Malachi and Naomi wearing all their Anaheim Ducks gear they got at the game.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hippie Day

Ok so Malachi doesn't look too thrilled, but he did love his costume. It was hippie day at school and I didn't really have anything for him. Most who know me know that I have a bazillion costumes so I had an awesome adult costume for Darren, but no kids. Notice Darren is not in the picture. He opted not to dress up and use the great costume, which he regretted later might I add. So I had this blue dress that was kind of psychedelic so I cut it up and made bell bottoms and a vest for Malachi out of it. I don't think it turned out too bad. He was sleeping when I made it so I didn't get to try it on him. So the legs were a little long, but will fit him perfect for hippie day next year. Darren can dress up with him then too! I was kind of proud of myself for going out on a limb cutting the dress up. Not too shabby???

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

101 Years Old!

Darren's grandpa Jessop who turned 101 in February passed away on April 8th 2009. Ironically that is my dad's b-day and he would have been 58 years old. Above is a picture of Derek Darren's twin with their grandpa. His grandpa was living Samoa when he passed. As we reflected on his grandpa's life it was very interesting to think of all he has lived through. World war 1 and 2, the Great Depression, the automobile, airplanes, cell phones, t.v., computers, internet... I'm sure he is so happy now in heaven w/ his wife and daughter (Darren's mom) Daisy. Love you Grandpa!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our "cousins" the Kehoes/Billings

Naomi holding Jake's snake. She couldn't get enough of it. Who would have thought?
Naomi kissing the snake. Does this tell you how much she loves animals? And no I am not getting her a pet.

The Drago and Billings kids holding Jake's pet snake and bearded dragons.

Naomi on Steve Kehoe's shoulders.

The Billings, Drago's and Kehoe kids swimming in our pool.

Maverick holding Liberty.

Candi and Maverick blowing out the her birthday candles on the cake. By the way I thought the cake was yummy. I made a chocolate almond triple layered checker cake.

Here's the story behind the title "Our cousins the Kehoes/Billings". I was at my O.B.'s for one of my doctor appointments when pregnant with Liberty. I brought Naomi and Cassidy. Naomi brought with her a cute stuffed bunny Steve Kehoe had given her. When Dr. Langford came in the room he said "What a nice bunny, where did you get that?" She replied, "My cousins the Kehoe's gave it to me." I got a kick out of that and called the Kehoe's to tell them. So we started calling them our cousins as a joke.
Well Su Billings who is the Kehoe's daughter began hanging out at her parents house on a number of occasions together with our families and serving together on the Public Affairs Council have built a strong bond. I tell her how much I love their parents and what a big part of our lives they have become. So we just started calling Candi my mom too. Su and I joked that we are sisters seperated at birth, but reunited by her mother. We have had so much fun having the Kehoe's and Billings in our lives. They truly are our "cousins".