Saturday, April 11, 2009

Surprise it's the Easter Bunny, no really Surprise!

So 2 years ago I was the Ward Activities Chair. I would help Primary with our egg hunt. Well in our last ward we had a bunny come and the kids adored it. So me being the mom of creating memories for my kids decides I need to buy a bunny costume for our Easter egg hunt. So I buy it with the intent of making Darren do it. However the idea didn't quite pan out and I had to wear it. So I did it for Malachi's school as well. Now it has become a tradition and I do it for the Charter School as well as our ward each year. The funny thing is my kids haven't quite noticed I'm missing when the bunny comes around. We even did the family picture and they didn't say a word at the time as to where mom was? They did tell me about the bunny coming later and I had to lead them to believe I was helping out with the egg hunt and missed seeing them w/ the bunny but did see him. We'll see how long we can pull this off. It was a lot of fun! Even though Cassidy did not like the bunny. If she only knew.
Malachi and Jackson.

Naomi and her buddy Rocky.

Cassidy all ready to go.

After the egg hunt was all said and done.



Super MOM!! Sorry we missed seeing you, I mean the bunny, I mean you. :)

Tollefson's said...

I love it!

Billings Family said...

Hey that bunny looks familar! I still have to post my picture of us! LOL!!!!

Jeff and Kimberly said...

Its hilarious that Cassidy was crying while you held her.

Leslie said...

I miss the Easter Egg Hunts, i am so sad our ward didn't even do one. Ugh!! Great bunny.