Friday, April 3, 2009

Our "cousins" the Kehoes/Billings

Naomi holding Jake's snake. She couldn't get enough of it. Who would have thought?
Naomi kissing the snake. Does this tell you how much she loves animals? And no I am not getting her a pet.

The Drago and Billings kids holding Jake's pet snake and bearded dragons.

Naomi on Steve Kehoe's shoulders.

The Billings, Drago's and Kehoe kids swimming in our pool.

Maverick holding Liberty.

Candi and Maverick blowing out the her birthday candles on the cake. By the way I thought the cake was yummy. I made a chocolate almond triple layered checker cake.

Here's the story behind the title "Our cousins the Kehoes/Billings". I was at my O.B.'s for one of my doctor appointments when pregnant with Liberty. I brought Naomi and Cassidy. Naomi brought with her a cute stuffed bunny Steve Kehoe had given her. When Dr. Langford came in the room he said "What a nice bunny, where did you get that?" She replied, "My cousins the Kehoe's gave it to me." I got a kick out of that and called the Kehoe's to tell them. So we started calling them our cousins as a joke.
Well Su Billings who is the Kehoe's daughter began hanging out at her parents house on a number of occasions together with our families and serving together on the Public Affairs Council have built a strong bond. I tell her how much I love their parents and what a big part of our lives they have become. So we just started calling Candi my mom too. Su and I joked that we are sisters seperated at birth, but reunited by her mother. We have had so much fun having the Kehoe's and Billings in our lives. They truly are our "cousins".


The Kneeland Family said...

Did you get your hair cut off?

Billings Family said...

I'm dying at those pictures!! They are so cute!!! Your blog is so stinkin cute! I can't get over Naomi with the snake! That picture is classic~~