Friday, September 10, 2010

Delaney Comes Home From The Hospital

Delaney came home from the hospital on the 9th. She was so tiny. She lost a little weight and was 5 lbs 8 ozs when we left home. Such a peanut!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Delaney Victoria Drago Has Arrived!

My beautiful family!
Malachi holding Delaney.
Naomi holding Delaney.
Libby got to hold her too, but it was so cute the kids took turns being in the "sick" bed and pretended that they were getting taken care of in the hospital.
Cassidy holding Delaney.
Fresh out of the tummy.
So tiny born at 5 lbs 15 ozs.
It's over! I had my last kid and it feels great to know all is well. I had to have 2 surgeries while pregnant. I had stints put in to open my kidneys due to a large kidney stone. That is why the baby was induced 3 weeks early. Had an amnio to make sure baby's lungs were developed. So after baby was born I had lithotripsey done on my kidneys to break up the stones. It was a journey, but all is well.
She is so precious and such a peanut!!!