Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sleepy Days In Arizona!

Both Liberty and Aubrey conked out while on the couch with Gram.
By the morning Cassidy, Porter, and Naomi were all squeezed into the middle of the bed.
Cassidy and Naomi: lights out!
Baby Liam on his blessing day.

Malachi, Porter, and Naomi all snuggled up.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Taking The Dog For A Walk

Kim and Jeff have 3 dogs. The kids loved to take them for a walk so my brother Nate and I took Cassidy, Naomi, and Porter out with Nibbler the dog. The girls each got a ride from Nate and even used all their strength as a train to hold on tight to the dog leash.

Being Nudy When You're 1 Is OK!

Libby loves to make a run for it when she gets out of the bath.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt In Arizona!

Everyone gathered together ready for the egg hunt.
The kids started bringing home rocks to us because they some how got the idea that Darren had a rock collection. So all the kids started searching for rocks to bring home to our rock collection. Luckily they got distracted with the egg hunt and forgot all about the rocks.

Naomi using her imagination was playing explorer.

While in Arizona my Brother in Law Jeff's family put together a big Easter Egg Hunt for all our families. It was by far the best Egg hunt we've ever been on. We couldn't believe the amount of eggs, goodies and treats scattered around the park.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun With Family In Arizona

Nate, Porter and Aubrey

Our animal lover Naomi fell in love with Kimmy's dogs.

Malachi was in 7th heaven playing Wii with Uncle Jeff.

My brother Nate and I.

One of the kids favorite parts of the trip was taking turns holding baby Liam.
Kimmy holding Liam before the baby blessing.
The cousins before church.

For spring break we took a trip to Prescott Arizona to visit my little sister, her husband and their new baby Liam. They had his baby blessing while we were out there. My little brother Nate, his wife Jenny, and their 2 kids Porter and Aubrey flew down from Montana as well. It was so much fun for us to hang out and our kids to play together.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meeting Baby Allen!

Sonny, Darren's younger brother and his wife Alma had their first baby in January. This is the first time we got to see baby Allen. Here is a picture of all the Drago cousin's (minus Samuel who would not get in the picture)

Naomi and Cassidy holding baby Allen.

Liberty playing in the baby pool.

The Kelly family came by for the bbq. Uncle Lou found out late last year that he had cancer. Unfortunately it has spread and we're told he doesn't have long. So we were very grateful to spend time with him.

Sonny holding his son Allen.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Temecula Special Games Year 2

I had the opportunity to volunteer for the 2nd year in a row at the Temecula Special Games. I helped run the basketball shot. It was a blast! The smiles on the participants faces were priceless. We meet some really neat athletes including the 2 guys pictured above. My girlfriends daughter Corey was also a participant pictured above shooting some hoops. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of.