Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Vacation

We flew out of Vegas to get to Montana this summer. The kids loved the lights from the hotel. We tried to keep them inside the hotel most of the time and just did the pool. Not the most kid friendly place on earth. Ok Darren can't stand Vegas.
The Missoula Montana airport had a bunch of cool stuffed animals (I'm not talking dolls). The kids liked the Grizzly Bear behind them. There was also a really cool one of a mountain lion pouncing on a mountain goat. (GO GRIZ! Had to do a shout out to the UofM)

Being "home" was so nostalgic. My brother Seth owns 9 acres of land where he built his 5400 sq ft home. It was a blast we rode ATV's, watched deers, fished in a neighbors pond, had bonfires, played horseshoes, played guitar hero, watched old home video... It was a great trip I'll cherish in my heart. (Uncle Seth giving Malachi a ride on his land)

We were able to be in Montana for our niece Abby's baptism. She looked like an angel. She is the oldest Tollefson Grandchild of 9 (almost 10 kids). This is Seth's family: Seth holding Anders, Aidan in front, Abby, Ari holding Sophie.

We had the chance to stay at my brother Nate's home also. He has a 1/2 acre on a golf course where he built his 5200 sq ft home. Both my brothers in Montana each own their own construction companies. Their homes were amazing! Nate and Jenny have Aubrey and Porter. We had a bon fire and roasted marshmallows in their fire pit, Nate bbq'd organic steak which was heavenly. We played a pretty crazy game of Apples to Apples.

Cousin's are Great

Drago Family Cousins: Cassidy, Samuel, Malachi, Naomi, Jaden, and Sophia
All the Tollefson family cousins (minus baby Sophie who was sleeping). We went to Montana in August to visit my siblings and had a blast.