Saturday, February 27, 2010

Naomi's first Award

As a kindergartener Naomi excells. She is doing so well in school. Her teacher said she is at the top of the class and ready for 2nd grade. \"/ She loves to read, learn, color, paint, draw. You name it. This was a fun day because the kids don't know they are getting the award. Her face lit up and she ran on stage. Look at her as she eagerly looks on to what the principal has to say. Her teacher Mrs. Hooton did a really nice write up on her. We're really proud of Naomi and her hard work!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Liberty Earns Her Indian Name!

On November 20, 2008 (check my archive for full details) I listed our families Indian Names. We have this little tradition in our family. So through Liberty's first year the kids keep trying to come up with Indian names for her. Some that they thought would be a good fit for her were: spills milk, perfect sidekick, so patient... As nice as those all were they just weren't her name. Well after the much deliberation with the Drago council her name shall be: LAUGHING TONGUE. Liberty laughs at everything. She laughs just because your laughing. If she hears someone laugh she joins in. So laughing seemed her. Tongue because she has the longest tongue. She also can twist it around in crazy ways. She keeps resting it on her bottom lip. Maybe getting some teeth will fix that. An so she is Laughing Tongue!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweet Valentines!

Naomi has such a tender heart. She wrote up her Valentines to her class, then turned them over and started writing a special message to each friend in her class. I let her do the ones above, but she was taking a while doing it since she was putting much thought into each one. It was bed time and I had her finish with what she did. I then started reading them and they were the cutest things on earth. They are pretty phonetic, but here is what they say left to right:
Mrs. Hooton's: You are the best teacher I ever had in Kindergarten.
Rocky's: You are a special friend because you are the first friend.
Mindy's: You are fantastic at doing this stuff, that is awesome, you are amazing.
Avreeana's: You have feelings that make me happy.
Alexandra's: You are a great friend, you make me happy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Naomi turns 6!

Naomi turned 6! I can't believe how fast time goes. We had a fun birthday party at the park. Naomi had a great time and spent it with great friends and family!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sooo Sleeeepy!

I set the girls on the couch together to watch a cartoon while I got their lunch ready. I guess they had an eventful day up to that point, because when I was done with their lunch they had conked out together (which is a rarity).