Thursday, February 18, 2010

Liberty Earns Her Indian Name!

On November 20, 2008 (check my archive for full details) I listed our families Indian Names. We have this little tradition in our family. So through Liberty's first year the kids keep trying to come up with Indian names for her. Some that they thought would be a good fit for her were: spills milk, perfect sidekick, so patient... As nice as those all were they just weren't her name. Well after the much deliberation with the Drago council her name shall be: LAUGHING TONGUE. Liberty laughs at everything. She laughs just because your laughing. If she hears someone laugh she joins in. So laughing seemed her. Tongue because she has the longest tongue. She also can twist it around in crazy ways. She keeps resting it on her bottom lip. Maybe getting some teeth will fix that. An so she is Laughing Tongue!

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