Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweet Valentines!

Naomi has such a tender heart. She wrote up her Valentines to her class, then turned them over and started writing a special message to each friend in her class. I let her do the ones above, but she was taking a while doing it since she was putting much thought into each one. It was bed time and I had her finish with what she did. I then started reading them and they were the cutest things on earth. They are pretty phonetic, but here is what they say left to right:
Mrs. Hooton's: You are the best teacher I ever had in Kindergarten.
Rocky's: You are a special friend because you are the first friend.
Mindy's: You are fantastic at doing this stuff, that is awesome, you are amazing.
Avreeana's: You have feelings that make me happy.
Alexandra's: You are a great friend, you make me happy.

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Jeff and Kimberly said...

What a sweetheart! She is a good friend :)