Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Mighty Ducks!

Beth Kuzma and I holding our cute little ones.
Naomi and Kyleigh.

Malachi and Kadin

The Drago Family and Kuzma Family, we took up a whole row.

Even Liberty likes Hockey!

We bought the kids these boxes filled with fun game souvineers. They were in 7th heaven.

Drago Family after the Ducks won in over time to make the play offs.

Drago Family and Kuzma Family.

So we are leaving the game and we asked a man walking by if he would take a picture for us. After the picture he was tossing a ball in his hand. Malachi noticed and asked him if he saw the Anaheim Angels game. The Angels were playing at the same time as the Ducks were. They man said yes and asked Malachi if he liked baseball. Malachi of course said yes. The man then told him that this ball was a foul ball hit from the game and asked Malachi if he wanted it. I told him we couldn't take it. The man said he has a bunch of foul balls since he goes to the games all the time. So Malachi got a game ball from the Anaheim Angels. It says on it official MLB game ball.

Malachi and Naomi wearing all their Anaheim Ducks gear they got at the game.


Leslie said...

What a fun family sport outing!! So cool that Malachi got that baseball too. Great pics.

Missi Waldron said...

Looks like a great time! Isn't it crazy that you all took up an entire row! How did our little families become so large so quickly? You sure have a cute family, BTW.