Monday, December 14, 2009

Drago Family Christmas Party 2009

This is the Drago Family's 12th annual Christmas party. The whole group of us!
Santa stopped by our family party and surprised the kids.

Malachi and Santa.

Naomi and Santa.

Cassidy was very hessitant towards Santa.

Liberty's first time sitting on Santa's lap.

Dominic, Suzie, Nicole, Gina, her boyfriend Will and Suzie's dad Paul.

The Kelly Family and Unlce Lou.
Derek, Alyson, Jaden, Cameron, and Alyson's mom Marva.
Sina, Paul, Sophia, and Samuel.

Steve and all his grandkids and kids minus Sonny and Alma.

Our little family: Darren, Sarah, Malachi, Naomi, Cassidy and Liberty

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