Thursday, December 31, 2009

New York New Years!

Cassidy and Liberty loved the party favors. I loved their jammies. These are long johns from the Cracker Barrel. My mom got them for Malachi and Naomi when they were those sizes. Libby's has ruffles on the bum. I was digging out a bunch of boy clothes for my sister while she was here and found them. So glad I did, they are great.
Our kids are usually in bed early so keeping them awake til midnight would be a stretch. So we decided to celebrate a New York New Years. So we let the kids stay up til 9 and celebrated New Years with them on t.v.

Darren helping the kids pull the popping party favors to celebrate New Years. We did this about 7pm so they could enjoy it then relax and watch a movie, that way if they fell asleep they didn't miss out on the fun.
The kids all cuddled up as we watched Night at the Museum 2, which by the way was hilarious!!!

The 2 little ones couldn't make it to 9pm.
We had such a busy Christmas with family in town staying with us and hosting both Christmas Eve with the Drago Family and Christmas with the Tollefson family both at our house that we decided to take it easy New Years Eve. We just had our family over that morning for Liberty's birthday so we were ready to jammie it up and have a movie night to ring in the new year.

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