Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas was AWESOME!

Libby loved anything and everything she opened. It was so fun to see her on her first Christmas!
Malachi can die a happy man. He now owns his new favorite soccer game!
Naomi had a friend over to swim this summer and she had a brown puppy like this. They swim in the pool it's pretty cool. So since then that's what she's wanted and the waiting if finally over. She loves it!
Cassidy is our dress up queen right now. If anyone knows us they know we LOVE costumes. Cassidy especially loves purses and dress up shoes. She was one happy chick.
This was really cute. Liberty and our nephew Cameron are 1 1/2 months apart in age. Liberty is yet to confuse Darren with his twin Derek. However Cameron keep wanting Darren to hold him. Liberty wasn't getting why???
Can I say this was the best gift yet! Santa brought this giant horse which my kids can't get enough of. Naomi got it and played on it 3 days straight. No need to entertain.
Christmas morning!
Cassi was fun this year. She understood opening up presents and that there was stuff inside.

Malachi and Naomi opening their stockings.
Libby loves babies, isn't that cute how babies love babies!

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