Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let me explain myself, even though it's my house!

So I love Christmas? Most people that know me know that I love to decorate for Halloween and Christmas. Halloween I usually decorate for over labor day weekend. Since there are no major holidays between 4th of July and Halloween my thoughts are let's get our stuff out and get some use out of it. As for Christmas, taking our Halloween decorations down is such a big production that we're already pulling tupperware out in the garage and packing things up might as well make a day of it. So for the last 2 years over Veteran's Weekend I have pulled my Christmas decor out while putting Halloween away. If you think about it there's only a month and a half before Christmas let the season begin. Plus by the time Thanksgiving comes Christmas is around the corner and all that work is for not when we're taking Christmas down weeks later. I just loving having Christmas up. It gets the kids all excited and we have lots of fun with it. We do wait to put the tree up and decorate that over Thanksgiving if that makes some of you feel better. I've just had friends stop by shocked that our home is ready for Christmas when maybe others should reconsider when to start putting their stuff out too. (Tis the season)


Team Anderson said...

You definitely got ME thinking! That's a good point about decorating around Veteran's Day. In my family it was always Thanksgiving, so that's kind of what we've always stuck to. I guess we'll just have to give traditions a little boost!
Thanks for being such a great example!

Jeff and Kimberly said...

House looks clean, and nicely decorated. Love the stockings :)

Crystal said...

wow! you are insane! It looks like the north pole!! I love christmas...I just wish I had taht many decorations...mine are weak compared to yours.