Thursday, November 20, 2008

Indian Names

Even though I'm probably one of the fairest skin people minus the freckles I do have Indian (Native American) heritage. So early on in our marriage Darren and I were hanging out at my mom's house with my little sister and for some odd reason we decided to come up with Indian names for each other. The names have stuck with us ever since, but recently we decided to carry the tradition on with our children. And so we are going back to our roots: I give you our Indian names:

Darren: Sharp toe - No matter how often he cuts his toe nails his big toes always seem to scratch me. I feel like it's a little dagger he could use for protection if needed.

Sarah: Wild hair - My hair is out of control if I do not fix it. It dries wavy/curly and there is just so much of it. So if I don't tame it with products or blow dry it, there's no telling how crazy it will be.

Malachi: Big talk - Right now he is not pleased with this name, but I told him the chief decides not him. He would rather be star wars boy or video game player, but that's not how it works. Simply put Malachi talks a lot. He could carry on his own conversation for hours. And he sometimes lacks volume control. We are constantly reminding him to talk softer or tone it down. We do love this about him, he's quite the thinker.

Naomi: Curly love - I need not explain the curly part. Love is because in Naomi's own words "I love everything." She's always saying, I love every animal or I love every color. She is just such a happy go lucky girl. Her sweet little personality is quite charming. Not to mention her amazing imagination.

Cassidy: Dancing monkey - She loves to dance. If she hears any sort of music she'll start moving side to side and pretend like she's snapping her fingers. She's got rhythm. Monkey because she climbs on everything and has since she started walking. She climbs on the counters, on the bar stools, on the beds, out of the crib... (I don't even want to approach that subject again, little upset over the crib situation). So we call her a monkey for climbing on everything.

Liberty: TBD!


Jaime said...

I love the names!

Kuzma Family said...

Ok my little wild hair we do need to go and get our feet done. Sounds great I so need a brake. What about sat?

Kuzma Family said...

Hope you had a Wonderful Thanksgiving.d