Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tooth Great Firsts, I Mean Two Great Firsts!

Malachi received an academic achievement award in reading. His teacher picked him and did cute little write up on him that I listed below:
"Malachi, I think I want to call you Sponge Bob Reader Pants because every time you read a book you soak it up like a sponge and want more to read!
Malachi has made a tremendous amount of growth in reading thus far in First Grade. I'll tell you it has not come easy for him but through his hard work and perseverance he now is a successful reader.
Malachi is passing his sight word list each week, scoring 100% on his spelling tests, and keeps reminding Mrs. Medina his Phonics book is too easy!
Malachi, you are a wonderful reader and I am so proud of your efforts that I guess I will have to give you that second grade Phonics book, is today okay? Excellent job!" Mrs. Medina
(Picture above is Malachi with Mrs. Medina)
This was so fun for him because the kids don't know that they are getting the award and the letter is read in front of the whole school. We're so proud of you Chi!
We were at Pat and Oscars last night for dinner and Malachi keep telling us he had some chicken caught in his teeth. When Darren looked he told him it wasn't chicken he had a loose tooth. Malachi hasn't lost a tooth yet so this was a little scary and exciting for him. He keep wiggling away at it last night and finally went to bed. This morning it was pretty loose after breakfast so he got a tissue and mommy pulled it out. The first thing he said was "Yea now I can eat fudge bars again." (Darren ate one when we got home and Chi was afraid to have one because of his tooth) Now he's ready for the tooth fairy to come tonight.


Alison said...

Way to go Malachi!!

Tracy said...

So proud of Malachi! What a great job!

LOL on the "Just Say No" and your talk. When I saw that you commented, I thought, "Sarah's going to say NO??? She never says no!" LOL! Yeah - you totally needed that when they asked you to speak. You did a great job, though. And impressed the heck out of everyone there!

Tollefson's said...

Chi, we are so proud of you! Keep up the hard work.

The Kneeland Family said...

Yeah I am a little crazy. But I would have to say the snakes are the easiest pet to take care of. You only have to feed them once a week.

Jeff and Kimberly said...

Good little Chi, he must have the same bright genes that I do ;). I can't believe YOU pulled his tooth out...just like mom used to do to us. He is getting to be such a big kid now.

Julie said...

So good to see your family growing-can't believe Malachi is so old and your little girls are so sweet. I saw your comment on Tanya's blog and thought I would say "HI". We miss you guys.

Crystal said...

Malachi was showing me his first lost tooth in primary!! So cool! The first one is the most exciting! Awesome about the award! If it's too easy Chi you tell em'!!!

Sandy said...

Big day at your house!! Don't you love this stage where they are having so many firsts?

Tiana said...

So your family is simply so adorable!!! Time flies by....don't know if you remember me or not but I hope all is well in your world!