Friday, February 27, 2009

"I'm 40% sure this is the San Diego Zoo"

Of coarse it's the San Diego Zoo! (For all you Madagascar 2 fans Melman the Giraffe keeps thinking they are in San Diego and says the quote I used for the title) This was the 1st trip to the zoo for my kids as well as Nate and Jenny's kids. Jenny and I took the kids for the day. They were such troopers with all the walking, but had soooo much fun seeing all the cool animals.

Giddy up Polar Bear!

Cassi and Aubrey hanging out in the stroller.

We got to see the cute Panda.

This is my favorite animal the Elephant. They are amazing!!!

What a day... ya all come back ya hear.


Jeff and Kimberly said...

Naomi is soooo tall! Looks like the kids had a blast...and no break downs like they usually have at Sea World. They must be grown up.

Alison said...

We are going to miss the San Diego Zoo so much. The zoo here is not even in the same playing field, but my kids love it so much we will probably have to endure it...