Monday, February 16, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

When I was a kid we would have Special Nights. We would get to stay up late and do something special with our mom or dad. So I wanted to start implementing that in my family. So one day each week one kid gets their special night. So today was Naomi's special night. She has really wanted to fly her kite the last week or so, but there has not been enough wind. Well today was windy (and cold) but not raining yet. So I got the kite out and said lets go. We went down to the park and I taught her how to fly a kite. At first she was pretty nervous to take the kite by herself, but she did it. She had a lot of fun. Her smile was priceless. Kite flying, what a great pass time. Well after a good amount of time the rain started to fall. So we packed up and walked home in the rain. It was fun to have the one on one time with Naomi and I look forward to the next special night with the next kid.


Jeff and Kimberly said...

What a sweet bunch of pictures...her expression is priceless. I don't know why but seeing these pictures brought tears to my eyes :). I love those little kiddies so much!!


Yes, Yes that picture of her looking up at her flying kite is ADORABLE!!! She looks so happy.