Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You got me good!

Ok so the pieces to the puzzle finally fit together. My girlfriend Beth tells me a while back that she wants to throw me a shower. I tell her no, no it's my 4th kid, 3rd girl I'm good. We talked about it a little after that, but I thought that was that. Then she finally says well we want to do a small dessert night with just a couple friends at least. I say ok that I can do. So she comes and picks me up with 2 other dear friends. We go to dessert and are walking across the restaurant. I then see a table with a bunch of our friends. The first thought that came to me is oh how funny they are probably doing a group visiting teaching dessert night. Funny we see them all. Then I realize there is my girlfriend Su from Pauba area, Andrea Profancik my dear friend who now lives in Orange county and others that couldn't be here for that. My mom then peeks around the corner. I was shocked. How Beth do this? How did she get these people out here? How did she get my mom's info? While wondering this I get a tap on my shoulder. It's my little sister Kim from Arizona. She flew her out to surprise me. I was speechless. She is a true master mind. I had no clue. Darren didn't even spill the beans. Come to find Darren told them don't tell me anything because Sarah will get it out of me. He said, "She'll ask me who was that that called? And he would answer Oh it was your sister Kim. The she'd ask what did Kim want. Darren would then say oh she just was saying hi. Then I would say to him, No she must have called because Beth is planning a surprise baby shower and she is planning it with you!" (Darren's got a great sense of humor) So needless to say he was afraid he couldn't keep it from me so he just told my family to keep him out of it. He said that way he'd be more surprised when they showed then I was. We had a great night. We laughed, ate and opened the cutest little gifts. I'm so grateful for good friends and family. I feel so blessed! Even today I'm shocked at all the planning she did for months and I couldn't have been more in the dark about it. She truly is a friend forever! It was one of the funnest surprises I've had.

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