Monday, December 15, 2008

Flat Abby

My niece Abby is in the 3rd grade. I guess her class just read this book about Flat Stanley. A boy that ends up flat and is mailed around the world. So her class all made flat selves and mailed them out to family or friends. So Abby sent us her "Flat Abby". We were asked to take it along to places around our town and get pictures with it. It was accompanied by a journal that we can log our happenings in and paste pictures as well. Our kids loved this idea. So far we have taken Flat Abby to the beach, the temple, to see Santa, and we're going to get a picture of her with her newest cousin due this month. We then asked our cousin in Samoa if we could mail it to her so she could give Flat Abby the Polynesian experience. We're trying to get Flat Abby to see as many places as possible around the world before April 1st. How fun will it be for her to read the journal and look at the pictures with her class when she gets her back.

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