Monday, December 8, 2008

It really was kidney stones!

Every pregnancy I have had I have passed kidney stones. I always end up going to the hospital they do the routine ultrasound which tells us how many there are and then they drug me up and I wait to pass them. Well sure enough I'm 9 months pregnant and I feel the pain and by now the 4th child know it's a kidney stone. So I go to the hospital and expect the "standard procedure". Well my ultrasound comes back and the doctor said that the kidney stone is still high up in my kidney, but there is fluid around it. So he felt that the pain was actually from the pressure of either the baby on my kidney or the fluid. With that said he gave me 2 options. He first told me they were admitting me to the hospital. I would stay the night and in the morning I would have an amnio. If the babies lungs were developed they would induce me and that would solve the pressure on the kidney. If they were not developed then they would take me in for surgery and place a stint in my kidney to drain the fluid. To me a lose lose situation. I was terrified of an amnio and did not have anything ready to take a baby home. No bags packed, no baby clothes washed, no car seat out yet... I also did not want to go into surgery 9 months pregnant. I talked it over with Darren and he said we just do what we have to do. So 2 minutes after they admitted me and moved to to a delivery room I decided to use the bathroom before they re hooked me up to all the baby monitors. The nurse told me to filter my urine just in case. Sure enough 2 large kidney stones came out. The pressure almost instantly left and with in a 1/2 hour they released me from the hospital. Stinking kidney stones. I oddly enough was grateful for them and not having to have an amnio or surgery. I felt like I knew my body and knew that was the cause of the pain. So here they are world my 2 kidney stones. I was given them to take to my doctor and get them analyzed. So I'm waiting to hear back on those results. In the midst of this that evening we were supposed to get together with a bunch of old friends from Escondido who were throwing me a couples shower. Needless to say I had to cancel, but encouraged them all to continue on with the festivities. While getting ready to leave there shows up 2 of my dearest friends who drove down from Temecula with beautiful orange (my favorite color) flowers. Talk about good friends! I just felt bad they came down probably expecting me to have a baby shortly and come to find it was kidney stones. They got the raw end of the deal. A baby would have been much cuter to look at then the stones!

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Vanessa said...

That's classic!! I'm going through the same thing only I have severe hydronephrosis to go with it. Why does everyone else get to have normal uneventful pregnancies?? I hope you are feeling better!