Monday, January 18, 2010

Where Are Her Teeth?

We are still waiting for Liberty to cut her teeth. She has six teeth on the verge of breaking through, but holding out. What 12 month old has no teeth? I'm still breaking her food up trying to keep her from choking. Every day I check for them. When I say "teethies" she says ahhh and I look. We've got that down to a routine.


Team Anderson said...

Leah was the same. 12 months no teeth.
Libby is such a cutie, she'll have a mouth full in no time!

Vanessa said...

Oh my gosh....poor thing....they'll all come in at once. Becca got 7 teeth over Christmas...she was only 7 months.

Gledwood said...

When my wisdom teeth came through when I was 19, I had a sudden flashback to teething aged 1 or whatever. Not a pleasant experience. You'll know when she's teething as she'll be grizzling all the time.
Don't they have things called Farleys Rusks in America?
I can still remember the taste to this day. That's what British kids got in the 1970s when we were teething. (Whatever they give today I've absolutely no idea ~ probably high-sugar marshmallows knowing the way today's world is going...)
Anyway have a nice day I only dropped in totally at random, I pressed next blog and got to your friend. I'm playing that internet 6 degrees of separation game where you jump between blogs via the comments and eventually ~ usually within 30 blogs or so, you'll suddenly see someone you know! If you don't believe me then try it. Have a cheery weekend and all the best