Monday, January 25, 2010

I Made It My Shelf!

I was cleaning out our playroom one day and decided that our closet needed to be more effective. We have tons of games on the top shelves, but they are filled to the brim. We have costumes hanging, but decided that we could consolidate them all to one side of the closet. So what we needed were a couple small shelves to store more stuff. I looked at the top shelf and told Darren that we could probably just make some like the ones above. He said it would be too hard. (Darren has many talents, but handyman is not one) So I said I was going to make them. After cutting, nailing, painting a few pieces of wood ta-da. My 2 little shelves that I'm ever so proud of!

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The Lingo Family said...

Very CRAFTY!!!! I am impressed.