Friday, November 20, 2009

Lucky Ducky!

So Malachi got a Wii last year for Christmas. If you know Malachi he LOVES video games. Even though we limit him to playing 2 days a week he talks about his video games as if he's on them 24/7. So this year he starts saying that he wants an Xbox 360 for Christmas. I tell him that he needs to be grateful that he already has the Wii plus his old Xbox.
Well our school had a carnival and one of the booths you put tickets in to win an Xbox 360. So of course Malachi wants to keep putting his tickets in there. It was time to go so we let him put the rest of his tickets in the Xbox drawing where at the end of the day they would call the winner.
Well the day came and went and he didn't get a call and was a little disappointed, but we as parents knew odds were he wouldn't be the winner, and didn't really want him to win it.
Well Friday came and the school holds their morning assembly. So I called my girlfriend who's kids also attend the charter and she answers the phone congratulating me. I asked what for? She said Malachi won the Xbox 360.
They decided to do the drawing at school for fun in front of everyone. So they took the big bag of tickets and pulled a big handful out then the Principal pulled a ticket out which said "Malachi Drago". My girlfriend described it as: "Malachi ran up there like he was on the Price is Right."
So he got his Xbox 360 funny how things work out for that kid. It's almost like he willed it to happen.

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