Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Official!

That's right folks, I am a high school basketball official. I completed my training and passed my test with a 97%. I wanted to get back into coaching so I coached the school JV volleyball team. It took a lot of time away from my kids as much as I loved it. So I thought if I was a ref I could still participate, but not dedicate as much time. Unfortunately volleyball is the same season as soccer and with my kids in soccer there was no way that I could do both. So my friend who has been officiating basketball for 15 years talked me into basketball instead. It's been pretty fun, great exercise. It's just funny to think back on all the crowd chants we used to have, "Open your eyes ref, you're missing a good game" or "Nuts and bolts nuts and bolts we got screwed". We'll see how the season goes. I've done 6 games and like it so far.


The Lingo Family said...

WOW!!! That is so cool that you are doing that. No wonder you look so great, it was so nice to see you guys the other day. Your kids are too cute.

Pam said...

Sarah: Way to go, that is awesome, I'm getting pretty good at refereeing from the benches.