Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wiggles Concert!

So we're driving to San Diego and I turn on the radio and they announce caller 10 gets Wiggles concert tickets. So I pick up my phone and call in and I'm the winner. Now my kids have not watched the Wiggles for years, had it been 4 years ago they would have been so thrilled. We had the dvds, cds, slippers, toys... you name it they loved them. So I have these tickets and we're going back and forth should we go should we not??? Well I decided to take them since they've never been to a concert, and they loved it. It was fun, we had good seats and Murray came into the crowd. The kids got to go up and give him a 5. I got a shot of each kid enjoying the moment. It was a great time and I'm glad we had the experience!

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Jeff and Kimberly said...

Well it looked like Libby sure enjoyed it, ha ha. The Wiggle looks like he can't connect on a high five.