Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cassidy's Big Fever!

Poor sweet little Cassidy. She had a cold that was really getting to her so I let her sleep in my bed while Darren was gone at a late soccer game. She woke up shivering with the chills. Darren had got home not long before so he took her downstairs and we wrapped her in a blanket to get her chills to go away. I felt her head and she had a fever, but it didn't feel that warm. Still something told me to check her temp. So I took her temp and it was 106.3 and still going. I called the doctor right away and we tossed her in a cool bath. I took it again and same thing. The nurse called and told us to get to the hospital asap. I took off with her and had them get her in right away. I had already given her motrin and when they took her temp an 1 1/2 later it was still 103.5 so they gave her more meds to bring it down. When the doctor saw her he checked her and said she had an ear infection. I couldn't believe that her temp would be that high just from an ear infection. I had them run blood work just to be safe. She was fine, besides the ear infection. Poor girl got a shot of antibiotics, and her blood taken. She was amazing. Such a brave little helper. I was so proud of her. We got home at 5:30am. Just in time to feed the baby. I was just so grateful she was ok.