Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm going to be a Garbage Picker when I grow up!

Little Naomi so sweet. She was talking with Malachi one morning while I was doing the dishes. I don't know how this conversation came about but all of the sudden I hear, "No Malachi! I'm going to be a Garbage Picker when I grow up, because that's what Porter wants to be so I'm going to be one too."
Their little cousin Porter was visiting a few months ago. He loves to watch the Garbage man drive the truck and dump the garbage. So he told them that he wants to be a Garbage man. Well Naomi thinks it's called Garbage picker. At least that's her goal rather than a person digging through stuff at the dump??? Garbage picker!

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Tollefson's said...

Porter thinks this is great. He hopes him and Naomi will be able to work the same truck. He said you know there are two steps on the back to ride on.