Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Like Them Big, I Like Them Chunky!

For those of you who have seen Madagascar 2 it has become a Drago family favorite over the summer. Moto Moto sings this song as he's coming out of the water saying, "I like them big, I like them chunky, I like them big, I like them plumpy. I like them round with something something..." Since Libby is such a chunky monkey we started singing it to her and she laughs when she hears it. So it became her theme song. Now Cassidy walks up to her and says "You huge girl!" It's fun for now. Wish that being chunky was cute at my age!!!


Marcie said...

Sarah- I love your blog! We LOVE that song too! Gwenyth does the Moto Moto walk and sings it too! (We call her "Mota Mota" when she does it). Mike even found her a birthday card with him singing the song. Too funny!

Jeff and Kimberly said...

Don't forget how big Naomi was as a baby :)

The Gosfam said...

We like that song too!! I wish my extra junk in the trunk was cute :)