Monday, June 8, 2009

Temecula Special Games

I serve as secretary to the Temecula Stake Public Affairs Council. On Friday March 13th 2009 we held our first annual Special Games which we now have the city sponsoring every year here after. It was an amazing event. I had Liberty with me who was only 2 1/2 months old. I didn't know how I was going to do the whole day with her when she doesn't take a bottle. Of coarse blessings come and she slept in the snugglie the whole time. Not only that but I was afraid I would be so sore from holding her in the snugglie all day, but the burden was literally lifted from my shoulders and I didn't even notice her weight.
Above is a picture of myself with our dear friends the Kehoe's and my neighbor Matt Lester and his buddy Jimmy who he was assigned to. This picture meant so much to me, because I was helping the Kehoe's at the event right next to the 25 yard dash where Matt and Jimmy spent most their day. After that day I went home and wrote the below email to my council of my experience. I also sent it to a few friends in my ward who volunteered or had children participating. Little did I know how far it would go. My girl friend who's daughter was a participant emailed it to her friends and our Public Affairs director had it emailed out to all 9 wards in our stake, our stake leaders, and the city council, city participants, and mayor. It was a very humbling experience, but truly impacted me forever. I can't wait til next years!
Our Public Affairs Council was involved in putting together a Special Games for our community. On Friday we held the special games at Chaparral High School. It was such a touching event. I loved seeing familiar faces from our ward volunteering and participating. One particular thing stood out to me. I was helping at the bowling activity next to the 25 yard dash. As I was there I watched the kids run w/ their buddies to the crepe paper finish line. I noticed Matt Lester and his participant Jimmy running the dash again and again and again. When I spoke with Matt I asked "Wow Matt how many times have you guys ran that?" He said "I kept asking Jimmy what do you want to do next and Jimmy would say Run!" So Matt keep running.
After I left the event I was reflecting on the wonderful day. I had called our Public Affairs Director on my drive home to express my feelings for the day. I told her about the above story and how it stood out in my mind. Of coarse Jimmy wanted to run. Even though his feet could not physically do the work Matt was there to help him along the way and Jimmy was pumping his arms just as hard to get to the finish line.
Not only was this very touching to watch, but it was very symbolic to me of the Savior. We may not be able to get to the finish line on our own all the time, but he will be right behind us pushing us along. And when he asks what we want to do next and all we have to say is run. He will push us along again and again and again.
Lastly the Californian did a beautiful right up on the day. We had 2 stars from our ward make the paper (Matt Lester and Miriam Northrup). This is a picture I want to keep forever and was so grateful it was in the paper. It was a picture of Matt pushing Jimmy. The moment that is embedded into my mind of the great day and Jimmy with his big smile on his face running.
I know all who volunteered probably received more out of the day than the participants. The smiles on those faces will remain with me for a long time. Below is the article from the Californian.

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